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Steve Gaynor

Partner, Britehorn Partners

Steve has over forty years’ experience as a banker and advisor to corporate and institutional clients with a focus on technology, telecom, media, and financial services.

After graduating simultaneously from Harvard Law and Business Schools(JD/MBA), he went to Wall Street where he was an M&A lawyer with Skadden, Arps, and subsequently an M&A and corporate finance banker with L.F. Rothschild. Steve was recruited by Pacific Telesis (now AT&T) to become a leader of its aggressive global expansion in wireless (AirTouch spinoff), which drove AirTouch’s $62 billion acquisition by Vodafone and Verizon.

Following Airtouch, Steve became a Partner at Arthur D. Little, where he advised large funds on technology and telecom investments. That eventually led him to co-found MSG Securities to advise companies on M&A and capital raises, where he served as Managing Partner just prior to joining BritehornPartners. In addition to his JD/MBA degrees, Steve has a BA,highest distinction, from Baruch College, anda certificate,with distinction, in telecom/Internet engineering from U.C. Berkeley.

Steve is a Partner at Britehorn Partners, a leading U.S. growth stage and middle market investment bank. He assists Menlo Business Partners with engagements potentially involving U.S.-based companies and funds

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