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MBP has comprehensive network of Investors with contacts in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Corporate Venture.

We advise the management teams and the shareholders, in the preparation, execution and closing of fundraising.


Among the activities we carry out are the following:


  • Validate and refine the goals and strategy for the transaction

  • Conduct advisor’s due diligence

  • Write a convincing Investor Deck (ID)

  • Prepare the Company for the transaction (see our Value Creation Services)

Identification and Approach

  • Generate criteria for and select the potential investors

  • Approach them with the ID and follow-up where necessary

  • Closely coordinate with the Company throughout the process

Term Sheets and Due Diligence

  • Receive term sheets from potential investors

  • Analyze and compare term sheets, select lead investor

  • Negotiate term sheet, and manage the due diligence process

Negotiation and Documentation

  • Finalize the term sheet

  • Negotiate and sign the definitive agreements

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