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Corporate Finance

We advise companies and investors in the preparation, execution, and closing of equity and debt financings, and special situations. Clients benefit from our comprehensive expertise and support in equity and debt financings, valuations, transaction strategy, IPO advisory, licensing, joint ventures, restructurings, and other special situations.


Among the activities we carry out for Issuers are the following:

Part-time CFO services for small/mid-sized companies

With our entrepreneurial background, we provide part-time CFO services for small / mid-sized companies. We implement, deliver and measure results to help companies develop profitable growth, and to create value for shareholders.

Corporate finance (debt or equity transactions)

Among the activities we carry out for Issuers, are the following:


  • Validate and refine the strategy and business plan

  • Conduct advisor’s due diligence

  • Write a convincing Information Memorandum (IM)

  • Prepare the Company for the transaction

Identification and Approach

  • Generate criteria for and select the potential investors

  • Approach them with the IM and follow-up where necessary

  • Closely coordinate with the Company throughout the process

Term Sheets and Due Diligence

  • Receive term sheets from potential investors

  • Analyze and compare term sheets, select lead investor

  • Negotiate term sheet, and manage the due diligence process

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