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Strategic Investment


Sega Sammy Invests in mPoria

Business Description

mPoria was a leading m-commerce solution provider in the U.S. powering more m-commerce sites than any other company. Its shopping portal sold substantial volume for major retailers. It sought a strategic financing to enhance its profile, support growth and enter new markets.

MBP’s Role

MBP conducted a global search among major brands that would  provide  capital, international relationships and prestige. Sega Sammy, a  top-ranked  provider of mobile games, music and entertainment in Japan, was a perfect fit, and agreed to do the whole financing plus assist mPoria’s entry into Japan.


Sega Sammy wanted to develop a presence in the U.S. through a relationship with a startup led by a dynamic team. It was impressed with what mPoria had built on limited investment and wanted to add a similar m-commerce capability to its business in Japan.

In addition to a substantial initial investment, Sega Sammy agreed to share its web development, marketing, and platform expertise. mPoria raised the funds it needed, but also obtained valuable know-how and prestige from the involvement of a large global brand.

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