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Financial Advisory

Menlo Business Partners provides clients with unbiased advice regarding strategies to reach their strategic and financial objectives. Advice is often sought before a transaction and may be provided exclusive of transaction services. Such advice may relate to valuation, positioning the company for a transaction, the advisability of an acquisition, and other strategic matters.​

Among the matters in which we have been engaged are:

Maximizing Valuation

We help clients to devise strategies to maximize valuation ahead of engaging in a sale transaction. The strategies are derived from our experience with representing corporate buyers combined with an analysis of key factors that affect valuation including evaluation of likely buyers and any “hidden” buyers; a client’s market positioning and valuation thresholds; status of the private and public markets; and other factors. While some factors cannot be controlled, others can be advantageously influenced.


We independently assess the value of companies using several different approaches, including analyses of discounted cash flow, comparable capital formation and acquisition transactions and comparable publicly traded companies. The different perspectives of strategic vs. financial investors are taken into account. Our assessments are realistic because they are market driven and informed by our operating backgrounds. Clients sometimes engage us to advise on valuation enhancement strategies in advance of a transaction.

Advisory on IPO (Initial Public Offering) / IBC (Initial Business Combination) with a SPAC 

With lighter and simplified requirements to get listed on Euronext Growth or Euronext Access, access to the stock market through an IPO has become a viable option for fast-growing  SMEs. In addition, SPACs have become another path to public company status. A late-stage growth company seeking equity should consider an IPO or a combination with a SPAC as an option. We can evaluate the possibility of an IPO or a business combination with a SPAC; recommend the timing, valuation, and positioning of a proposed IPO; assist with introductions to and selection of appropriate bookrunners, and identify other required outside advisors such as legal, communication, and accounting professionals.

Other Services

MBP also offers these other advisory services:

  • Transaction Preparation

  • Acquisition Strategy

  • Sale/Divestiture Strategy

  • Licensing/Joint Venture Strategy

  • Corporate Restructuring

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