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Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise sellers and buyers in the preparation, execution, and closing of corporate transactions. Our work includes comprehensive expertise and support in sell-side and buy-side transactions, mergers, divestitures, strategic alliances, and other corporate transactions.

Among the activities we carry out for Sellers are the following:


  • Validate and refine the goals and strategy for the transaction

  • Conduct advisor’s due diligence

  • Write a convincing Information Memorandum (IM)

  • Prepare the Company for the transaction (see our Value Creation Services)

Identification and Approach

  • Generate criteria for and select the potential buyers

  • Approach them with the IM and follow-up where necessary

  • Closely coordinate with the Company throughout the process

Offers and Due Diligence

  • Send Bid Letter with guidance on terms

  • Receive non-binding offers from potential buyers

  • Analyze and compare offers, select a buyer to continue

  • Negotiate and sign the LOI, and manage the due diligence process

Negotiation and Documentation

  • Finalize the LOI

  • Negotiate and sign the definitive agreements

Buy-Side Origination

Among the activities we carry out for Buyers are the following:


  • Conduct industry and target screening

  • Analyze potential candidates

  • Select and value targets

  • Prepare and negotiate LOI

  • Manage due diligence and transaction process

  • Negotiate and sign definitive agreements

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